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More than a perfume, a story of desire
Since 1981, our Maison de Haute Parfumerie has been offering the ultimate art of perfuming along with delicate and unique creations that accompany all the moments of life… It’s about stories best told in the hollow of the neck or on the wrist.
There is … the scent that takes you on a journey or that brings you back to the hollow of one’s shoulder. There are all those scents that accompany you perhaps for a summer or for several years. All these scents, like all those moments that forge us, heartfelt declarations, bursts of laughter, memories that take us straight to another time, tell a part of your story. Scents of your life.
Annick Goutal - Goutal Paris
A musician, a model, an antique dealer and finally a perfumer...
Annick Goutal left a legacy that is more than anything a state of mind, a vision.
A woman of desire, with a determined and free-spirit character, with an artistic soul, who has lived several lives.
She was an inspired and inspiring woman, driven by love. She was a woman who completely reinvented Haute Parfumerie and who knew, year after year, how to transform emotions into exceptional fragrances.
She was a pioneer woman, she shaped a Parisian Maison to her own image, an independent perfumery driven by love. She was one of the first woman perfumers in a man's world.
She was a visionary woman, who never hesitated to do things differently: creating a vetiver with marine notes when no one else had thought of it, or fresh and delicate perfumes when the trend was for heady, overpowering fragrances… Her creations appeal to lovers of beautiful fragrances.
FROM ONE SKIN TO ANOTHER, a story through the art of sharing
Composed of the rarest and most noble essences, a Goutal fragrance, once worn on the skin, tells an infinitely personal story.
A trail that leaves an impression on the heart rather than deliver an overpowering sensation.
Each perfume awakens the imagination, invoking an emotion, a childhood or holiday memory, the poetry of a journey.
Each Goutal composition is an act of sharing. Signature scents that travel through time and generations.
More than fragrances, emotions, unique experiences, initiatory journeys
Histoire et héritage d'Annick Goutal
A story of women since the beginning
Our House is undoubtlessly a story of women and transmission, starting with Annick, her daughter Camille, and Isabelle Doyen.
Like her mother before her, Camille Goutal joined forces with Isabelle Doyen to form a duet of incredible complicity. While retaining the values and soul of our beautiful House, they both share the taste of exceptional raw materials and draw inspiration from their travels and moments of emotion to create singular fragrances with their expert hands.
Goutal Paris - Formules de nos parfums
The know-how of emotion
For forty years, we have developed an exceptional savoir-faire: the art of creating fragrances of emotions. Shaped by the values of its creator, our Maison has always been able to affirm its identity and remain faithful to what it has always been:
Generous, in the choice of exceptional raw materials and attentive details for our customers.
Sincere, in our creative intentions, our relationship with others and our very personal way of expressing ourself.
Undenianly free, in our choices: what we do, we do by choice and not to follow a trend.
Intimate , through each fragrance: tell your stories
At Goutal, we care about both substance and form. Something which speaks volumes about the character,and generosity, of the Maison. We favor local craftsmanship and know-how. All our bottles are entirely manufactured in France,and - just as it was on the first day - all of our labels are delicately applied,one by one, by hand, in French workshops. Finally, commitments to the environment are of course essential today,
but they have always been of foremost importance at Goutal:
another reason which puts up in the avant-garde
Fragrances at the heart of women's lives... Scents of your life
Memories of holidays, or from childhood; declarations of love from a mother to her daughter, or a wife to her husband... Behind each Goutal fragrance is a story as personal as it is universal. All that it asks is to be heard and passed on. Discover their stories and write yours.
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A month, a fragrance, an emotion...

“I am at the seashore, I’m having a nap. Wild everlasting flowers are growing in the sand. The sun is blazing, the air is filled with a warm, salty tang and the scent of pine resin.” With these words, Annick Goutal capture a moment of happiness with her husband in Corsica. Sables was born from this emotion. . A backdrop of vanilla, amber and sandalwood evoke the burning sand of the dunes that line the ocean. 

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Scents of your life
Our perfumes are born from a desire to share moments of life, like those moments that forge us, heartfelt declarations, gestures of tenderness, stolen kisses... They tell a part of your story.