FRAGRANCE GUIDELINE Our recommendations for use

The Art of Fragrance
All scents of your life
Modulate the spray of your perfume according to your desires. For a softer, more diffused spray, like a perfume mist, spray the perfume about 30 centimeters from the area to be perfumed.

If you want a more intense fragrance, spray the perfume about 5 centimeters away from the area to be perfumed. We recommend that you keep your perfume away from temperature variations and light.

You can also spray your clothes and hairbrush. Combine your fragrance with shower oil, body milk of the same scent or La Crème Universelle.

To fully enjoy your fragrance, we recommend that you use it within 2 years of purchase.
The Art of the bath
Your beauty ritual
Soft creams, shower oils and body milks are available for you to choose your beauty ritual. A moment of relaxation just for you, which comforts the skin and gives it a lasting scent.

Step 1: nectar oil for the shower
The 1st step of your ritual. Gently massage the Shower Oil onto damp skin. On contact with water, it transforms into a creamy foam and gently cleanses the skin. Rinse and dry.

Step 2: Perfumed Milk and Body Cream
Nourish your skin by applying the milk or cream generously all over your body in the morning and/or evening.
You can then scent your skin with the fragrance of your choice.

Step 3: the softness of the scented hand balm
The last step of your ritual, enhance the notes of the fragrance of your choice with one of our hand balms Eau d'Hadrien, Petite Chérie or Rose Pompon.

We recommend you to use your scented body care products within 12 months of opening.
The Art of Living
Poetic & delicate scents for your home
Scented candles - A custom scent
To enjoy your candle to the fullest, when first used, let your candle burn until its surface is liquid to avoid a cavity forming around the wick. Do not let it burn for more than 4 consecutive hours or if there is less than 5mm of solid wax left at the bottom. Remember to trim the wick regularly (about 5mm) and re-center it after each use. It is also recommended to ventilate the room.
Your candle is completely consumed? Give it a second life, for example as a candle holder, a vase or a pencil pot.

Diffusers - An intense and lasting scent
Place the sticks in the bottle like a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Adjust the intensity according to the number of sticks you use. To revive the scent, turn the sticks over regularly.

Room spray - Instant scent
Spray the room spray as often as you like to instantly scent your home and create a warm, comforting atmosphere.
Do not spray directly onto fabric or skin.
A sustainable art
Perfume refills
To refill your perfume in an optimal way, we advise you to proceed first of all to a cleaning of its bottle. To do this, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into your bottle, re-cap and shake your bottle to spread the liquid over all the walls. Spray a few times on a neutral surface* to eliminate the last residues in the pump. Empty the remaining alcohol. Once the bottle is completely dry**, gently pour the contents of your refill using the funnel provided.
Keep the perfume away from temperature variations and light.
*Avoid any contact with the skin, the mouth and the eyes. Keep out of reach of children **Water residue may alter the fragrance

Candle Refills
To remove wax residue from your candle glass, place your glass in the freezer for a few hours. The wax will shrink and can be easily removed from the glass by turning it over on a flat surface. To use the refill, remove the wax bar from its shell using the cutter and place it in your candle glass. Do not light the refill while it is in its plastic shell, but only once the wax is placed in the glass.
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Ambre Sauvage Absolu comes to Galeries Lafayette

On the occasion of the launch of Ambre Sauvage Absolu, we invite you to discover it at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann from October 02 to 15, 2023.

Come and discover this multi-faceted fragrance, an olfactory tribute to the Orient.

A month, a fragrance, an emotion...

“I am at the seashore, I’m having a nap. Wild everlasting flowers are growing in the sand. The sun is blazing, the air is filled with a warm, salty tang and the scent of pine resin.” With these words, Annick Goutal capture a moment of happiness with her husband in Corsica. Sables was born from this emotion. . A backdrop of vanilla, amber and sandalwood evoke the burning sand of the dunes that line the ocean. 

The perfect time to opt for this seasonal fragrance.

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Enjoy an exclusive selection of gifts on our online boutique.

From September 01 to October 31, 2023, for every order of Ambre Sauvage Absolu, receive your elegant lifestyle Tote bag (limited edition). In addition, we'll give you a free 20ml Universal Cream and free delivery.

Fragrance Finder
Through a series of questions, our Fragrance Finder will help you define your olfactory portrait, from which we will determine which fragrance(s) correspond to you & will enhance you.
Scents of your life
Our perfumes are born from a desire to share moments of life, like those moments that forge us, heartfelt declarations, gestures of tenderness, stolen kisses... They tell a part of your story.