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40 years of emotions

A pioneer

Pianist, model and then antique dealer, Annick Goutal had already led several lives when she discovered a natural talent for composing fragrances. A pioneer of independent perfumery, Annick Goutal quickly won the hearts of fragrance lovers around the world ; each capturing the emotion of a high point in the creator's life.

... Since 1981

Annick's daughter, perfumer Camille Goutal, keeps this legacy alive today with Isabelle Doyen, a loyal perfumer of the brand from the start. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Goutal takes you on a journey of its history, seen through the lens of emotions and presents, for the first time, collector's editions of historical perfumes.

Camille Goutal tells 40 years of history
Such a Lovely Anniversary
An iconic bottle makes a comeback
For the 40th anniversary of Goutal, its famous bottle makes a come back in its original version, as a limited edition. This collector case contains two historic perfumes being re-released fin exclusivity: Eau du Ciel and Mon Parfum Chéri and the two iconic fragances Petite Chérie and Eau d'Hadrien as well. To make this anniversary even more magical, Goutal will scatter four golden tickets among its collector’s editions. The lucky winners will enjoy a year’s worth of Goutal creations.*
The 4 fundamental emotions
Happiness. Freedom. Love. Complicity.
The fundamental emotion of Goutal
"You should never forget that happiness is fragrance’s ultimate goal." Annick Goutal.
Deve godersi la vita – which means “you should enjoy life” in Italian, was like Annick Goutal’s mantra... When she founded her House in 1981, she created a bountiful world that was guided by pleasure. The pleasure of composing her perfumes with the heart. Of offering them in the most refined of bottles. Of creating “boudoir”-style decor for her boutiques that would become a Goutal trademark. Following an unforgettable happiness, during a vacation in Tuscany, Annick Goutal composed L'Eau d'Hadrien, her first success.
Annick Goutal Libre
A cherished independence
Annick Goutal chose to create in her own name to hold on to her free spirit. It was a requisite condition for her to follow her instincts and desires, without having to worry about trends or be limited by costs. That is how she gave birth to such extraordinary fragrances. Maison Goutal is a key player in the “niche perfume” market and remains as free as ever today. Camille Goutal, a photographer by trade, carries on her mother's legacy off the beaten track.
Ce Soir ou Jamais is one of the fruits of this independence. To compose it, Annick Goutal took every liberty: 15 years of work, and more than 160 ingredients in a formula of rare complexity.
Nature, an endless source of inspiration
"All my perfumes came from an irresistible urge I felt when I was with my loved ones." Annick Goutal.
At Goutal, there can be no perfume without love. The House’s creators translate into scents the things that move them, be they moments, places and those dear to them. Annick Goutal drew on her loving relationship with her husband, Alain Meunier, to compose some of her greatest masterpieces such as Sables (1985) or Grand Amour (1997). Camille Goutal, who inherited her mother’s custom of making declarations in perfume, paid homage to her mother, who passed away in 1999, with Mon Parfum Chéri.
The Complicity
A legacy of femininity
From Annick Goutal to Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal, the Goutal's creators have passed down a singular vision of sweet, bountiful and poetic femininity to each other, like a torch. This is expressed in Goutal’s fragrances themselves, but also in the House’s aesthetic codes. The delicate visual world of Goutal is imbued with a typically French refinement that has set it apart from the rest of the contemporary perfume landscape for 40 years.
Collaboration Goutal Angelina
A delicious collaboration
Angelina and Goutal were destined to meet! The legendary tea house meets the Fragrance House who introduced the gourmand family to perfume. For Goutal's 40th anniversary, Angelina’s pastry chef Christophe Appert dreamt up an exclusive pastry in the shape of the iconic boule papillon. When you taste it, it reveals the notes of Petite Chérie-rose and pear, with dashes of vanilla and almond. A gourmet and refined composition, faithful to the spirit of this key Goutal fragrance.
Try it at Angelina’s parisian locations from 1st to 30 September 2021.
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