• Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
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Valentine's Day perfume: Discover our selection

Romantic fragrances for Valentine's Day: a selection of perfumes ideal for this special occasion

In the midst of the fiery celebrations of Valentine's Day, perfume rises as a delicate expression of affection, weaving together the rituals of yesteryear and contemporary refinement. Maison Goutal embodies this synergy through its delicate essences, like so many sensory experiences. Discover our selection, in which love takes on a timeless grace.

An ode to emotion and elegance

In the bustling ballet of romantic traditions surrounding Valentine's Day, perfume has always enjoyed unveiling its olfactory symphonies, enchanting sentimental melodies captured in a bottle. In Victorian times, the exchange of scented love letters became the most delicate way to declare one's love. Centuries later, this tradition persists in its timeless elegance...

At the heart of this sensory celebration, Maison Goutal stands out for its elegant, refined fragrances, which transcend the simple gesture of giving to create an unforgettable sensory experience. The choice of a fragrance for men or women, renowned as a fruitful expression of love and affection, becomes an intimate and personal gesture. Goutal fragrances, with their refined, emotionally rich compositions, reveal an even deeper dimension to this declaration. The history of Maison Goutal, through its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, lends each bottle a resplendent aura of authenticity.


Offer a Goutal perfume

Giving a perfume or a Goutal gift set is an art of delicacy, and represents an opportunity to personalize the gesture by adding a singular touch. A handwritten note to explain the reasons for your choice - those famous "reasons of the heart that reason ignores" - or a carefully crafted gift box, or even a combination of complementary fragrances for him and her: everything is possible to make this Valentine's Day gift unique, and to offer your loved one the fragrance that will move them.

Let the pen of your affection express itself through a few words accompanying your perfume, to unveil the mystery behind its choice. Explain how each olfactory note, each nuance, resonates with a particular aspect of your shared love. Through these delicate words, an intimate connection is forged, making this gift not only a sensory experience, but also a window into your heart.

Create a memorable visual experience with a gift box. The art of Goutal flaconnage goes hand in hand with a meticulous presentation, where every detail is thought through. Satin ribbons, delicate dried flowers, even a photograph recalling a shared moment will add an extra dimension to your gift. It's a visual experience that extends the pleasure of the gift.

If love has many facets, explore them by choosing complementary fragrances for your couple. The fusion of matching aromas creates a harmonious olfactory duo, where notes blend and respond to each other like two enamored souls. This combination of fragrances becomes a bold statement, a singular testimony to the unique bond shared by two beings.

Selection of fragrances for Valentine's Day

Through the twists and turns of time, perfumery has evolved into an exquisite art. In the 16th century, Catherine de Médicis brought in Italian perfumers to create an olfactory Renaissance à la française. These craftsmen, heirs to centuries-old know-how, laid the foundations of the perfume industry. Through its commitment to craftsmanship, Maison Goutal continues this age-old tradition, bringing a touch of modernity to an ancestral art.

Some of our iconic fragrances are ideal for celebrating love or declaring your love.


Petite Chérie: Like a gentle whisper of youth and tenderness, this delicate fragrance evokes the spontaneity of first love. Pear and peach, sweet as a promise of the future, dance with rose, the timeless symbol of love, and musk, offering sensual depth. Petite Chérie is an enchanting poem, a fragrant embrace that celebrates the youth of love.

Rose Pompon: A modern celebration of the most romantic of flowers, Rose Pompon is an invitation to energy and bold femininity. Rose, the undisputed queen of the olfactory garden, fuses with raspberry and pink pepper, creating a sparkling, captivating symphony. In the background, musk adds sensual depth to this exuberant composition.


Grand Amour: Created especially to celebrate love, Grand Amour is a fruity floral symphony that dances on the skin. Hyacinth and honeysuckle offer playful notes, while white lily evokes romance and femininity... just like all those white lilies Annick Goutal received from her great love for nearly twenty years!

Eau d'Hadrien: In a bottle, a journey through the sun-drenched streets of the Mediterranean. Sparkling lemon and lime evoke radiant warmth, while cypress and almond add a touch of freshness and sweetness. Eau d'Hadrien is a sensory escape, an olfactory caress that transports us to luminous horizons.

Eau de Monsieur: With its fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin blended with the warmth of patchouli and musk, Eau de Monsieur perfectly embodies the distinguished refinement of the modern man, with its subtle, bewitching charm. Its sophisticated sensuality, both delicate and profound, leaves behind an olfactory imprint of unforgettable richness.

Ninfeo Mio: For a slightly different olfactory experience, this eau de toilette unveils a secret garden where green freshness meets woody warmth. Sweet fig and bright lemon open the composition, while galbanum and fig wood add a note of mystery and sensuality. Ninfeo Mio is an olfactory stroll through a secret Garden of Eden, where each fragrance tells a different story.

A Goutal fragrance: more than a tradition 

The gift of a Goutal fragrance for Valentine's Day transcends the simple tradition of gift-giving. It's an invitation to create a sensory and emotional experience, an olfactory ode that expresses love with distinction and authenticity. Through the meticulous choice of a Goutal fragrance, a story is revealed, a love story etched in time and captured in the brilliance of a bottle. In this way, each spray becomes a gesture of affection, an olfactory caress that lingers well beyond Valentine's Day, eternalizing the memory of elegant love. Depending on your price range, choose a box or bottle from our selection of gifts, ideal for pairing with the most elegant beauty, make-up or skincare offers.

Through the dance of notes, in the embrace of a fragrance, love takes on a timeless form, revealed in every scent, every moment when the heart and senses intertwine. The gift of a Goutal fragrance is olfactory poetry, an enchanting declaration that transcends time, leaving an indelible imprint in the secret garden of shared love.

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A month, a fragrance, an emotion...

Sometimes a simple bit of reading can transform you, can change everything. For Annick Goutal, it was Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar, one summer, in Italy. More than just a memory, this fragrance contains an entire countryside illuminated by the Tuscan sun, a cocktail of bright citrus, a perfume of delightful freshness, discretely elegant and incredibly modern. The first great success of the House, the timeless Eau d’Hadrien.

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Through a series of questions, our Fragrance Finder will help you define your olfactory portrait, from which we will determine which fragrance(s) correspond to you & will enhance you.
Scents of your life
Our perfumes are born from a desire to share moments of life, like those moments that forge us, heartfelt declarations, gestures of tenderness, stolen kisses... They tell a part of your story.
Recyclable and refillable fragrances in shop

For the past 40 years, and ass pioneers, the iconic bottles of our perfumes have been made of glass and
refillable*. This reflects Annick Goutal's commitment to creating beautiful products that are also sustainable.

We offer a recycling service in our boutiques. We invite you to bring your empty glass bottle back
to your Goutal boutique to benefit from a 10% reduction on your next purchase. 

*excluding Parfums de Géraldine, Chat Perché and alcohol-free fragrances


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