• Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.
  • Your beauty ritual: with every order of a 100ml Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, your scented body milk or shower oil is offered.

From 1924 to 2024: the history of perfumes and the Olympic Games in Paris

The last time the Olympic Games were held in Paris was in 1924, just 100 years ago. The parallel evolution of the Olympic Games and Parisian perfumery over the course of this century offers a fascinating insight into the cultural and sporting history of the capital. 

Famous for its global influence in art, fashion and culture (both physical and intellectual), Paris has played a key role in both perfume and sport. As an artistic and sporting capital, Paris is the ideal place to explore how the Olympic Games and the perfume industry have evolved over the last century. 


The 1924 Paris Olympic Games

A look back at the 1924 Olympic Games

The 1924 Olympic Games took place in a post-war context. Seeking to rebuild after the ravages of the First World War, France welcomed the Games with palpable enthusiasm, as an opportunity to reaffirm France's position on the world stage and celebrate the return of peace.

The 1924 Olympics were marked by iconic athletes such as René Lacoste and Johnny Weissmuller, whose names have remained etched in the collective imagination despite a century's distance. Lacoste, the famous French tennis player, won a gold medal in mixed doubles. Weissmuller, who would later become famous in the cinema for his role as Tarzan, shone in swimming, winning three gold medals.

These Games introduced a number of innovations, including the use of automatic stopwatches for the races and the creation of the first "Olympic village" in Colombes, providing centralised accommodation for the athletes.

Paris in 1924

Fragrance trends of the day

In 1924, Paris was in the throes of a cultural boom, marked by the legendary Années folles. This period of prosperity and artistic liberation saw the rise of literature (through surrealism, André Gide and Ernest Hemingway) and the visual arts (with Modigliani, Braque, Magritte...), as well as cinema and music. Cafés and cabarets, such as the famous Moulin Rouge, were the nerve centres of Parisian social life.

The emblematic venues of the Olympic Games, such as the Tourelles swimming pool, were historic sites of this era. The Colombes stadium, in particular, hosted the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the athletics competitions, becoming a symbol of the capital's sporting revival.

The role of perfume in 1920s society

During the Roaring Twenties between the wars, perfume was a symbol of social status and elegance. Prized by the Parisian elite, it reflected cultural changes, in particular the emancipation of women and changing consumer habits. Perfumes became indispensable accessories to the sophisticated, glamorous image of the modern woman, embodied by icons of the era such as Coco Chanel and Hollywood icons Clara Bow and Jean Harlow.


The Olympic Games in Paris in 2024

Modernisation and technologye

A century later, the 2024 Olympics will be marked by significant modernisation and the integration of new technologies. The digitalisation of the experience will enable spectators to follow events in real time, thanks to social networks and multimedia platforms. Green technologies will also be used to minimise the ecological footprint of the Games, through sustainable infrastructures.

The Olympic venues have already undergone a major transformation, with urban regeneration and the creation of new facilities, such as the Arena Paris Sud. This modernisation aims to offer a first-class sporting experience, while respecting contemporary principles of sustainability and technological innovation.

Evolution of Olympic values

Olympic values have also evolved since 1924, moving from a focus on pure athletic performance to greater inclusivity. Highlighting the importance of the Paralympic Games, the Paris 2024 Games emphasise equal opportunities for all athletes. Again, the priorities of these Games show a strong commitment to openness, responsibility and fairness, reflecting contemporary concerns unknown or overlooked a century ago.

Contemporary perfumes to accompany the 2024 Olympic Games

Current trends in perfumery

Perfumery trends have evolved considerably since 1924, with a growing preference for lighter, more natural and personalised fragrances. The House of Goutal epitomises this evolution, with its modern creations that skilfully combine tradition and innovation. Founded by Annick Goutal, the House is internationally renowned for its unique compositions and its commitment to sustainable, high-quality craftsmanship.

An olfactory souvenir of Paris for visitors to the Olympic Games

For international visitors to the 2024 Olympics, Maison Goutal is offering a selection of fragrances that capture the essence of Paris and the spirit of the Olympic Games. These fragrances, symbols of Parisian elegance and chic, offer an immersive olfactory experience. They represent a precious souvenir of the event and the city, embodying modernity and tradition.

Goutal fragrances, with their refined notes and rich history, are the perfect ambassadors for contemporary Parisian culture. To give a Goutal fragrance is to give a piece of the soul of Paris, a sensory experience that will last well beyond the period of the Games.

The Olympic Games combine performance and elegance

The parallel evolution of the Olympic Games and perfumery in Paris from 1924 to 2024 illustrates two complementary sides of the Parisian identity. While the Olympics celebrate sporting tradition and adapt to new trends, perfumery embodies the timeless elegance and sophistication of the French capital. This balance between heritage and innovation is what makes Paris unique and irresistible.

On the eve of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it's time to rediscover Paris, its fragrances and its history. The House of Goutal, whose every fragrance is imbued with the magic of Paris, will provide all sports fans with an immersive and memorable experience that is both event-driven and olfactory.

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