ANNICK GOUTAL HAS BECOME GOUTAL, AUTHOR OF PERFUMES - A 7ml eau d'hadrien miniature offered for any order over 110€

  • 01/02

    Embroidered Editions

    Discover the embroidered editions of Petite Chérie and Rose Pompon. For this collection, Goutal has partnered with the talented creator Ellie MacDonald who tells the tale in images of these two iconic fragrances.

    Embroidered Editions
  • 02/02

    Petite Chérie and Rose Pompon

    These two iconic fragrances come to life with Ellie Mac's colorful threads. Two unique embroidered editions...

    Petite Chérie and Rose Pompon

Embroidered Editions

Discover the Embroidered Editions of Petite Chérie and Rose Pompon, two iconic fragrances.

Travel Roll-ons

Petite Chérie and Rose Pompon in travel roll-ons containing a highly concentrated perfumed gel.



Discover the iconic fragrances of Goutal... Audacious and timeless fragrances, inspired by poetry, nature, emotions and culture.


Exclusive Offer

Enjoy a 7ml Eau d'Hadrien Miniature for any order over 110€.

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