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  • 01/01

    Rose Pompon Eau de Parfum

    Discover the interpretation of a romantic and gourmet rose with a thousand petals, the latest olfactory creation from the Maison Goutal.

    Rose Pompon Eau de Parfum

E-boutique exclusive offers

Taking care of you and your loved-ones is essential, reason why Goutal is offering for any purchase a 300ml Oriental Hand Wash refill, as well as three samples of your choice.

The Bouquet of 5 Roses

Discover our 5 unique fragrances around the rose, exploring all the facets of Annick Goutal's favourite flower..


An ode to roses

“The rose is, without doubt, the queen of flowers for the queen of women” - Annick Goutal.


The Universal Routine

Adopt a tender and fragrant beauty gesture to intensify your fragrance trail.

Iconic Fragrances

Rediscover our iconic fragrances. Audacious and timeless creations that are inspired by poetry, nature and culture.