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Golden ticket regulation

Article 1: Organising company

The Company Goutal Paris, whose registered office is at 49-53 Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 PARIS, hereinafter referred to as “Goutal PARIS”, is organising a prize draw with a purchase required for entry entitled “The Maison Goutal Golden Tickets”.

Please read these rules carefully as they govern your participation in the Prize Draw. By participating in the Prize Draw, you unconditionally accept these rules.


Article 2: Duration

The Prize Draw will run from 1 September 2021 to 31 December 2021 according to the terms and conditions described in these rules.

It is understood that Goutal PARIS may postpone or cancel the Prize Draw if circumstances so require. Should this occur, participants shall be informed as soon as possible via e-mail.


Article 3: Participants

The Prize Draw is open to all adult natural persons, over 18 years old.

Persons directly or indirectly involved in organising, executing, implementing, promoting and facilitating the Prize Draw may not participate. Therefore, corporate officers and representatives and members of staff (managers, employees, directors and permanent and occasional employees or consultants) of Goutal PARIS are excluded from participating.

Each participant acknowledges that the data they communicate to Goutal PARIS for the purposes of participating in the Prize Draw are accurate and constitute proof of identity. Goutal reserves the right to ask any participant to prove these conditions. Any person who does not meet these conditions or refuses to justify them shall be excluded from the Prize Draw and shall not be entitled to the prize if they win. Goutal Paris will use any data submitted by participants only for the purposes of running the Prize Draw, unless otherwise stated herein.


Article 4: How to participate

Participation in the prize draw is contingent on the purchase of a GOUTAL PARIS product. With this purchase, the GOUTAL PARIS sales team gives consumers the opportunity to find one of the four golden tickets hidden in the packaging of several products at random. Consumers automatically participate by simply purchasing one of the four 100 ml perfumes re-released for the 40th anniversary, as a golden ticket may be hidden in their bottle's box.


Article 5: Designation of the winners

The four winners shall thus be the customers who purchased a collector’s edition fragrance from the re-released anniversary collection and found one of the four golden tickets in their box.

Winners must then return to the boutique with their golden ticket to redeem it and receive the corresponding prize before the end of the contest, 31 December 2021, as mentioned in Article 2.


Article 6: Prizes 

The winner shall receive a year's worth of fragrance (if they purchased Mon Parfum Chéri, Petite Chérie or Eau d'Hadrien), broken down as follows: 4 refills of the collector's edition perfume to be picked up in-store, one refill at a time OR 4 perfume bottles, for a total value of €420 (refills) or 600€ (finished products) or a candle, 5 refills (same or different fragrance), if they purchased Eau du Ciel, to be picked up in-store, one refill at a time, for a total value of €284.

For the avoidance of doubt, the winner will have one year from the time he/she redeems his/her golden ticket for all 4 or 5 refills.


Article 7: Distribution of prizes

The prize is nominative and may not be contested in any way, nor may it be exchanged for its monetary value in cash (in whole or in part), nor may it be exchanged for or replaced by another prize of any value for any reason whatsoever.

If circumstances so require, Goutal PARIS reserves the right to substitute a prize of equivalent value or with similar characteristics for the proposed prize at any time, without this giving rise to any compensation or indemnity of any kind.

Goutal PARIS shall not be required to award the prizes if the winner has not complied with these rules.

Goutal PARIS shall not be held responsible in the event that someone does not receive a prize because they do not find a golden ticket in their box, that the winner forgets to return to the boutique to collect their prize, that the winner loses their golden ticket, or that the winner fails to use all 4 or 5 refills within the allocated time period.


Article 8: Liability

Goutal PARIS shall not incur any liability if, in the event of force majeure or of events beyond its control or whose necessity is justified, it is forced to shorten, extend, postpone, modify or cancel this Prize Draw at any time, if circumstances so require.

Goutal PARIS shall not be held liable for anything for which it is not responsible, in particular in the event of malfunctioning computer lines, technical failures making it impossible to continue the Prize Draw, any technical, hardware or software failures of any kind whatsoever that prevent or limit the possibility of participating in the Prize Draw or that damage a participant's system. 

Goutal PARIS reserves the right to exclude from the Prize Draw any person who has prevented the Prize Draw from running smoothly.


Article 9: Rules and governing law

Customers immediately participate in this Prize Draw when they purchase one of the four limited-edition 100 ml bottles released for the 40th anniversary (Petite Chérie, Eau d'Hadrien, Mon Parfum Chéri, Eau du Ciel), as this shall make them a potential winner of one of the four golden tickets hidden in the packaging. Nevertheless, the winner is under no obligation to participate as they reserve the right to not claim their prize.

The law governing this Prize Draw is French law.


Article 10: Consultation of the Rules 

These rules can be consulted by sending an e-mail to the following address

It can also be sent free of charge to anyone who requests it from Goutal throughout the duration of the Prize Draw at the following postal address:

Goutal Paris, Retail Service, 49/53 Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris.

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