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Ivory Fragrances A tribute to Annick Goutal’s beloved white flowers

White flowers
An avid nature lover, Annick Goutal held a particular fascination for white flowers. Lily, gardenia, orange blossom, tuberose… They delighted her both with their solar, joyous and enchanting scents as well as with their milky white petals. In her creative atelier as well as at home, Annick Goutal kept white flowers as a recurring motif in her life. Day by day, white flowers came to perfume the private universe of Annick Goutal, and they coloured the memories of her daughter, Camille.
Un Matin d'Orage
A soothing naturalist canvas
In a lush Japanese garden, the sun’s first rays dispel the last clouds of the storm. With the air becoming gradually warmer, nature breathes a symphony of scents through the mist. The damp smell of rain-soaked earth. The crisp, vegetal aroma of leaves. The delicate scent of white flowers still studded with beads of dew… Inspired by this moment of grace, Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen created an airy floral accord by marrying fresh magnolia and delicate gardenia notes with sweet, slightly fruity hints of tuberose.
Le Temps des Rêves
A daydream back to the origins of perfume
In the region surrounding Grasse, when springtime rolls around, the bitter orange blossoms release their sweet, tender and sunny scent all through the air. Like a stroll through the landscapes where Annick Goutal learned part of her craft as a Perfumer, this fragrance captures the emblematic Mediterranean aroma of orange blossom. The enveloping scent of the absolute is illuminated by the freshness of neroli and tinged with accents from the myrtle shrubland.
A dream made into a fragrance
It was for herself that Camille Goutal composed her first fragrance, a scent that immortalises one of her most remarkable olfactory memories. In Mauritius, on a nighttime stroll along the beach, she fell under the enchantment of the deliciously solar notes of the frangipani flowers: sweet and heady; light and voluptuous… An invitation into contemplation. In Paris, she recreated the emotion of that wonderful moment by pairing exotic jasmine blossom with tiaré flower and ylang-ylang, one of her favourite notes. Warmed by vanilla and benzoin, this fragrance remains to this day its creator’s favourite.
Le Chèvrefeuille
A delicious fragrance of carefree bliss
When warmer weather approaches, little white flowers invade the arbour of the Goutal family home in Aix-en-Provence. Drinking up the sun’s rays, honeysuckle bathes in the atmosphere of a luminous scent with honeyed accents. In tribute to the flower she used to braid her floral crowns as a child, Camille Goutal composed, along with Isabelle Doyen, a light, incredibly delicate fragrance. Vegetal notes of wild narcissus are underpinned by the sweetness of jasmine and the freshness of lemon petitgrain.
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