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  • Free delivery in Europe from 200 € purchase
  • Free delivery in Europe from 200 € purchase
  • Free delivery in Europe from 200 € purchase
  • Free delivery in Europe from 200 € purchase

Customized candle Compose your candle

1. Choose the scent of your wax
From the most woody to the most floral, our unique collection of six fragrances will bring a new dimension to your home. Select your scent from among our creations and let yourself be transported to the olfactory landscape of your choice.
2. Choose the color of your refillable candle glass
From a vitaminized atmosphere to the most soothing, our tinted candle glasses will perfectly match your interior. Each glass can be refilled with the candle refill scented wax of your choice.
3. Assemble and mix them
Once you've chosen your ideal combination, all you have to do is simply slip your scented wax into your candle glass. Your duo is ready to sublimate your interior. A new idea for a combination? Start over and mix them over and over again.
4. Refill your candle glass
At Goutal, nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed! Is your candle finished? Keep your glass and simply refill it as you wish, with the fragrance of your choice from our collection. A fetish scent? Dress it up with color according to the seasons, your home and your emotions.
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The Holiday selection
This holiday season, dive into Goutal's enchanted tale. Embark on a majestic dance among the treetops of a green forest showered with gold.
Fragrance Finder
Through a series of questions, our Fragrance Finder will help you define your olfactory portrait, from which we will determine which fragrance(s) correspond to you & will enhance you.
Scents of your life
Our perfumes are born from a desire to share moments of life, like those moments that forge us, heartfelt declarations, gestures of tenderness, stolen kisses... They tell a part of your story.
A sublimated Art of Bath
The art of perfume extends to your bathroom, with our scented body care rituals. Discover their exceptional textures and cases.
A guarantee of quality
The formulas are the soul of your perfume and remain unchanged. As a pledge of exceptional quality, our fragrances are always made from the rarest and noblest essences.