Noel 2019

Once upon a time there was...the Nutcracker

Inspired by the traditional, romantic story and the famous ballet exalted by the music of Tchaïkovski, Goutal, Author of Perfumes, has created a mischievous and poetic collection brought to life through an enchanting Christmas tale.

The fabulous Christmas Eve

The whole house is twinkling with lights and the air is filled with the warm smell of spices and the wood burning in the fireplace. A magical moment for children and adults alike, all gathered round the majestic tree. Its delectably fragrant branches are laden with ornaments—an abundance of candy canes, mandarin oranges and gingerbread men. Under the tree, a mountain of colourful presents awaits.

A young girl receives a mysterious box from her uncle. She lifts the lid and discovers an adorable painted wood Nutcracker figurine with rosy cheeks and dressed in a red coat. On this fabulous Christmas Eve, the toy miraculously comes to life and whisks her away to a fairy-tale winter garden, where exquisite sweets dangle from frost-dusted almond tree branches.

Scented candles for magical nights

This moment would not be the same without the iconic scent, beloved for over twenty years, that plunges us into the Christmas spirit. This candle represents the sumptuous, towering Christmas tree featured in the story of the Nutcracker. Decked with holly, sweets and nutcrackers, it fills the home with the scents of that moment after a walk in the forest when you decorate the house with snow-dusted pine branches, fresh oranges and fragrant mandarins.

Festive gift bags hanged from the tree

Illustrated with the poetic Nutcracker decor, each bag contains a precious gift. The gold metal cigar holder, a Goutal icon for you to take your favorite fragrance with you wherever you go, comes with two 10 ml purse spray refills.

Bandeau inspirationnel

Under the tree, box sets of iconic fragrances

Each box decorated with the same enchanting illustration holds a story that unfolds according to the tastes of that special someone. For the loyal wearer of Eau d’Hadrien: an Eau de Parfum, the iconic freshness of Italy, housed in an elegant unisex bottle with a matching Candle in the ocher hues of Tuscany.

For the gourmand drawn to the appetizing seduction of Rose Pompon: An Eau de Toilette —with the scent of climbing roses and sweet, tangy pastries. For someone no longer a child, but not yet a woman, Petite Chérie, a fragrance to embrace, created by Annick Goutal for her daughter Camille, now the House perfumer.

For the refined woman, captivated by the delicious sophistication of Tenue de Soirée. A sensual Eau de Parfum and a Garden Hand Balm, for enthrallingly soft hands, day and night.