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Rose Pompon et le bouquet de 5 roses

The queen of flowers

Concentrating a fragrance of fabulous complexity in its delicate petals, the rose, the symbol of femininity, was Annick Goutal’s favorite flower. An inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Maison since its origins, it orchestrates varied interpretations, from fresh scents to carnal scores. Because at Goutal, the rose is never literally worked: under the prism of Author of Perfumes, it is obsessively faceted, elevated, enhanced . It embodies the whole range of emotions it arouses, which is captured, with poetry, in the different fragrances that pay tribute to it. In 2020, Goutal celebrates this queen of flowers, which has become a recurring feature of its olfactory landscape: with its latest variation around the rose: Rose Pompon Eau de Parfum.

Rose Pompon, the romantic

The pompom rose is a garden rose with a thousand petals. At the heart of its thick corolla, it contains a soft and airy scent, too fragile for a fragrance essence to be extracted. In the Rose Pompon perfume, Camille Goutal and Philippine Courtière recreate the illusion of it thanks to a precise blend of two origins of Damascus rose: Bulgarian rose, with a fresh and delicately fruity floral scent, and Taif rose, more sensual with its honeyed facets. Heightened with a hint of raspberry to perfect the magic and reproduce the unique scent of a pompom rose, this duo of roses vibrates at the heart of two fragrance intensities with a feminine and romantic signature..

The Eau de Parfum, more intense...

Fruity and delicate, Rose Pompon Eau de Toilette combines its heart of roses with the vibrant warmth of cedar wood. Nestled in the softness of white musks, this woody floral trail envelops the skin in a veil of warmth and comfort..
More intense, the Eau de Parfum is enriched with a note of violet that reveals its powdery accents, and is underscored by an essence of vanilla that durably prolongs on the skin the warmth and the sweetness of its signature.

The 5 roses bouquet

Rose Pompon appears in the Maison’s emblematic bottle, with its feminine and romantic spirit. Reminiscent of a slightly vintage femininity, the pleats of the ribbed bottle are draped in a pink recalling the colors of Rose Pompon.