Happy moments in Tuscany
Eau d'Hadrien, an avant-garde perfume turned icon

In 1981, Eau d'Hadrien was born, Annick Goutal's first great success. This fresh water was inspired by the memory of an unforgettable happiness in Italy. Tuscany, in summer. Annick Goutal reading Mémoires d'Hadrien by Marguerite Yourcenar, sitting in the shade of cypress and lemon trees. This happy moment inspires her Eau d'Hadrien.

All my perfumes came from a moment of my life, from an emotion, from a very intense moment of communication with nature.

Annick Goutal
The genesis of Eau d'Hadrien
Told by Camille Goutal

L'Eau d'Hadrien disrupts all the codes of the time. Its very fresh citrus signature, a cocktail of bright citrus fruits, went against the grain of the olfactory trends of the 1980s inciting opulence. It was the starting point of a singular creative approach, which Goutal has perpetuated for 4 decades.

Ahead of its time, this signature has become an icon of contemporary perfumery.
A mythical freshness

The juiciness of the citrus fruit―lemon, citron, grapefruit and green tangerine―mingles with the woody and aromatic cypress notes in a sweet, musky trail.