A moment of grace
Songes, 2005

For her first fragrance, Camille Goutal was inspired by a moment of freedom and grace experienced during an evening stroll on a beach in Mauritius. The sunny scent of frangipani flowers had enchanted her.

I like to dream and share dreams. That is what my mother wanted to do as well.

Camille Goutal

After 5 years of work, Camille Goutal manages to capture this scent. She blends the exotic flower with jasmine, tiare flower and one of her favorite notes: Ylang-ylang. This fragrance remains her favorite to this day.

Camille Goutal's interview
At the heart of creation

Since always, the creators of the House care to use a significant proportion of natural ingredients. Not because they dislike synthetic ingredients, and even less so because it is trendy. But just because they accurately depict their emotions. Similarly, the perfumes are not colored and take the natural color of the ingredients they contain.