A universal statement of love
The iconic Petite Chérie

Annick Goutal composed a "tailor-made" perfume for her daughter Camille, then aged 20. To capture the magic of this wonderful age, she imagined a caress of rose and pear in a cocoon of vanilla and musks. Having become an icon of the House, Petite Chérie is a perfume of transmission, a gift of love.

All my perfumes came from an irresistible urge I felt when I was with my loved ones.

A visionary fragrance

A pioneering fragrance, Petite Chérie was one of the first to feature fruit notes. By daring the unexpected marriage of pear and musk rose, avant-garde designer Annick Goutal paved the way for a fruity fragrance that would become a must-have trend in the following decades.

A festive ornament

The famous Goutal bottle makes its return in its original version, with its couture pleats, in a collector edition. It is adorned with an engraved Petite Chérie medallion and a golden velvet bow. Codes dear to Goutal.

Collaboration Goutal Angelina
A fragrance to savor

The pastry Chef of the prestigious Angelina tea room, Christophe Appert, imagines an exclusive pastry for Goutal's birthday: Petite Chérie in its butterfly bottle shape, with the same exquisite rose and pear notes.

Did you know?

The famous butterfly ball bottle was found by Annick Goutal at an antique shop. Its winged cap actually represents not one, but two butterflies kissing.