An endless source of happiness

Nature and its wonders guide me...

Annick Goutal

At Goutal, the feeling the creators experience when they are out in nature is what guides them. To transform it into a fragrance, they have always mainly used natural ingredients, to depict accurately these moments of joy. Many creations reflect these joys of nature .

Un Matin d'Orage
Un Matin d'Orage (2009)

A moment suspended in a Tokyo garden just after the storm, Camille Goutal captures the scent of white flowers pearled with rain in Un Matin d'Orage Eau de Parfum. In 2014, the Eau de Toilette, a fresher, more crystalline version was born.

Sables (1985)

A happy moment on a beach on the île de Ré: Annick Goutal composed Sables (1985), an avantgarde scent characterised by an overdose of everlasting flower absolute. In the base ntoes vanilla, amber and sandalwood evoke the burning sand of the dunes along the ocean. A spicy and warm fragrance.

Did you know?

Sand is featured in the book - The 111 perfumes you have to try before you die - by Jeanne Doré, Alexis Toublanc, Yoan Cervi. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!