Freedom as the only guide

Who said you couldn't become a perfumer when you’re a woman and you aren’t part of that world? Determined to follow her dreams, she made her own way and learned the trade under the wing of Henri Sorsana, a perfumer based in Grasse.

Though unfortunately I didn’t get started like others in classic perfumery, I am incredibly lucky to be free.

Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal chose to create in her own name to hold on to her free spirit, to follow her instincts and desires, without having to worry about trends or be limited by costs.

Did you know?

To compose Ce Soir ou Jamais (1999), the perfume Annick Goutal has always dreamed of, she took every liberty. It took no less than 15 years of work and 160 ingredients to give birth to this perfume of rare complexity.

Like mother, like daughter

Camille Goutal, a photographer by trade, continues her mother's legacy, off the beaten path. She continues the collaboration started by her mother with Isabelle Doyen, a loyal perfumer of the brand from the start and who shares her independent soul. Today, Maison Goutal bears the imprint of its free-spirited creators and is like no other.