A complicity among women

Women have shared the job of creation at Goutal since 1981. As most perfumers are men, often working alone, the House stands apart with its unwaveringly feminine vision, characterised by sharing, closeness and the passing down of tradition.

A legacy of femininity

From Annick Goutal to Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal, the House’s creators have passed down a singular vision of sweet, bountiful and poetic femininity to each other, like a torch. This is expressed in the fragrances themselves, but also in Goutal’s universe.

A precious universe

Annick Goutal wanted to infuse her taste for beautiful things, even into the décor of her boutiques. She imagined a “boudoir”-style decor that would become a Goutal trademark. The delicate visual world of Goutal is imbued with a typically French refinement that has set it apart from the rest of the contemporary perfume landscape for 40 years

Did you know?

Isabelle Doyen tenderly nicknamed Annick Goutal “Madame Plus” (Mrs More). From the formulas to the bottles and even the displays, she adored opulence and lavish aesthetics, always fancying more.