Such a Lovely Anniversary
40 years of emotions
Historical re-editions
For its 40th anniversary, Goutal is reissuing Eau du Ciel and Mon Parfum Chéri, two historic creations from its heritage for the time of a collector edition. For the occasion, l'Eau d'Hadrien and Petite Chérie are dressed in the same festive setting.

The world is more beautiful when you look at beautiful things…

Annick Goutal
Eau du Ciel
A bucolic moment
Mon Parfum Chéri
Camille's tribute to her mother

In homage to her mother's beauty and her taste for Hollywood glamour, Camille Goutal created a chypre floral in 2011 that she named Mon Parfum Chéri. A sophisticated fragrance between plum, violet and patchouli.

The comeback of an iconic bottle

One day, Annick Goutal was seduced by the romantic charm of a bottle she unearthed in the workshop of a master glassmaker. This iconic bottle makes its come back its original limited edition version, adorned with a golden velvet bow.

Did you know?

The golden velvet bow evokes a code dear to Annick Goutal. It is inspired by the ribbons, which as a child she tied around bags of candies, in her father's confectionery when she was a child.

GIF Aumonière
The aumônière, the art of gifting

The aumônière created by Annick Goutal is revisited for the House's anniversary. A singular case protecting the perfume from light, its shape is also inspired by the world of confectionery.

This fragrance pouch is offered with the purchase of a 100ml collector edition bottle, while stocks last.