Annick, before Goutal
Portrait of a life lover
An inspiring childhood

Annick Goutal grew up as one of eight children in a large and joyous family. Her father Pierre was a well-known and respected Parisian confectioner. Her mother was a kind and bohemian woman. This cherished childhood profoundly shaped Annick's and Goutal’s imaginary world, where happiness is an fundamental emotion.

A woman with 1000 lives

Evolving in a world of designers and artists, Annick Goutal was promised a great career as a pianist... But she embraced her freedom and left for London, where her beauty was noticed by a fashion photographer. For 4 years, Annick Goutal worked as a model around the world.

She eventually grew bored of the mentally unstimulating lifestyle and went home to Paris. A lover of objets d’art, she worked as an antiques dealer for a time. Then she launched a small cosmetics company with a friend. When Annick Goutal first sought out the fragrance for the creams she wanted to sell, she discovered a whole world in Grasse that would fascinate her. She had just found her true calling..

Did you know?

Annick Goutal was a passionate woman who excelled in everything she did. In 1961, she won first prize in piano at the Paris Conservatory and in 1986, she received an award for excellence in perfume.