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Rituel crème universelle

A body cream developed for each perfume

The immediate pleasure of a comforting and enveloping fragrance, developed  by Camille Goutal to adapt to all the fragrances of Goutal. Combining the cosmetic know-how of Amore Pacific - the Korean beauty leader in Asia known for its particularly sensorial textures - with the French tradition and expertise of Goutal in High Perfumery, the Universal Cream marries  a deliciously rich texture with a delicate olfactory signature. Its musky trail of orange blossom, as velvety as a whisper on the skin, blends with  each of the House's olfactory creations to together compose a perfect accord. A tender and fragrant beauty gesture, the Universal Cream inspires a three-step scented ritual. Much more than a perfuming gesture, it is the promise of a moment suspended in the flow of everyday life. A moment of beauty all to yourself that intoxicates all the senses.

1. Bath & beauty

Everything starts with the bath. The warm water comforts and relaxes the senses, while the enchanting scents of the shower nectars and Goutal soaps imbue the atmosphere. Gently dried with a soft towel, the skin is prepared for the next step of the ritual.

2. Universal Body Cream

The dense and sensuous texture of the Universal Cream protects, nourishes and perfumes the skin in a single step, enveloping it with tender and voluptuous notes. An olfactory signature designed by Camille Goutal to adapt to all the fragrances of the House.

3. Perfume

The ritual ends with a Goutal perfume, freely chosen from the collection. Perfectly prepared and hydrated, the skin further enhances the trail, prolongs its hold and makes the pleasure last. A sublime experience of fragrance and beauty.